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BLK Voices Magazine welcomes BIPOC contributors from across the globe. We seek inspiring stories, art, poetry and photography that describe the Black experience all over the world.

Our Sections

What We Look For

BLK Voices Magazine is a quarterly that aims to amplify the collective Black experience through art, culture and community. We are seeking personal essays, poetry, prose, articles, reviews (book/music/film/tv), interviews, artwork, photography, short scripts and short stories that center the Black/Afrikan experience. This platform was created with the intention of providing people of the African Diaspora a platform to express ourselves into healing and liberation. It is a place where we can write our truths and be. There are 4 sections in BLK Voices: Empower, Educate, Elevate and Amplify. More information on each section can be found below. 


We aim to publish works that are written in the style of creative nonfiction or fiction. Creative nonfiction is a form of storytelling that employs the creative writing techniques of literature to retell a true story. Learn more about creative nonfiction here Writing Creative Nonfiction « Find Your Creative Muse (


We are also seeking unique photography, art, poetry, short stories (fiction/non-fiction) and scripts. 

All written uploads should be submitted in .doc or .docx format (no PDFs). Art and photography submissions should be 300 dpi. Each submission should be saved as your name and title of work. All work submitted must be your own intellectual property. We only accept submissions from people that identify with the African Diaspora, BIPOC creatives. 

Contributor submissions are unpaid at this time. As we grow, we aim to have the budget to pay all contributors outside of our team.


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