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Ode to the Black Woman

Legacy Issue No 1

To the black woman who bares the strength to raise the world all while raising herself.

To your struggles.

To your pains.

To your givings —

The giving of all you’ve got.

To the ways you made ways

out of no ways .

To your sacrifice.

To your years of tears.

To your years of stress.

To your years of yes.

To your beauty and brilliance.






To the endurance of your brokenness.

To your wide capacity to hold space.

To your capabilities and competence .

To your warm & tender


To your flexibility—

Your span to be stretched.

Stretched far beyond the narrow minded boundaries they’ve set .

To the God in you.

To your surrender .

To your wisdom.

To your roots.

To your truths.

To your scars —

Your beautiful scars.

Your deeply cut wounds.

To your womb.

To your birth(s) & rebirth.

For you are continuously being born again.

Black woman.

To your body that bares.

To your nurture .

To your nature.

To your shape.

To your will.

To your grit.

To your grace.

To your healing.

Black woman.

An ode owed.

To you.

Black woman.

So bold —

So Honorable.

So true.

Black woman.

Black woman.

Black woman.

Thank You.

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